Welcome to Reign Beauty Co. where royalty meets the simplicity of skincare.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, we are devoted to helping you attain beautiful skin, naturally.  

Aren't you exhausted? Us too. At the time of creating Reign Beauty, there wasn't any strong representation in the black community that promoted the importance of skincare or cater to the needs and problems that have been overlooked for so long such as uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation. Our owner took it upon herself to branch out and immerse into a new platform, aside from makeup, that would not only aide women and men with skincare, but educate them about the vitality of taking care of themselves for not only their health but confidence as well as normalize luxury in people of color and celebrate melanin-rich skin.

It's our mission to provide you with truly clean skincare that delivers vital nutrients to your skin so that it can operate at its best. Our luxurious products are not only affordable but work to repair, renew and refresh your skin for a radiance that brings out the natural, glowing beauty in all royals. 


Our products are designed ethically from start to finish. We've partnered with a team of certified specialists to assure you that our products are 100% vegan. 

For more information about our ingredients, check out our Always + Never Promises below.