Mom. EntrepreHER. Mental Health Specialist. Makeup Artist. Mentor. 

After 7 years of doing makeup, I felt my passion was dwindling; however the fire I had inside for skincare was still well lit. I realized just how much I enjoyed spreading knowledge about how having a good skincare routine can enhance your quality of life, and setting the example for my daughter and other young women around me. I added to my creative qualities by immersing into a new platform, that would not only aide women and men with skincare, but educate them on the vitality of it by providing quality, effective products for all ages,  skin types and concerns .

I dreamed of ways to encourage health and confidence, while bringing out every aesthetic sense. I realized that if I encouraged proper skin health, I would build steps to confidence and highlight transformation. Therefore, I started with me! I begin each day by aligning my vision and values with positive reinforcement and a little spice and creativity. I read daily affirmations, inspire others to tag along, then sing myself happy while performing my skincare routine and makeup application. I am a testament to the change that my customers tell me I make in their lives; from feeling insecure and blemished to being newly created from the inside out.

My true aspiration is to allow each person to "REIGN" in the essence of their beauty.

I am branching out, I'm starting something new and I would like to welcome you to Reign Beauty. 

I am not only here to help with skincare products but also answer any questions you may have! 

With Love, Brandie