ReignBeauty Co.

Reign Glow Cleansing Kit


The Ultimate Power Couple. 

Recommended for all skin types.

Like all great power couples, they work better together. Give your melanin rich skin the best cleanse (ever) with our Reign-Glow Cleanse Kit. The ReignGlow Cleansing Brush delivers high-vibe effective facial cleansing that gently exfoliates, eliminates dullness and dead skin cells. The sonic pulsating ReignGlow brush takes skincare to an innovative, technical level for facial cleansing that reinvigorates the glow on your skin and touches your soul. The sonic pulsation delicately massages skin, stimulating and energizing skin on a deeper level. Pores look less visible and skin’s tone and texture is improved.  The ReignGlow Cleansing Brush  is water resistant, designed to be used in the shower. 

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