ReignBeauty Co.

Reign-Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush


Features & details

  • Effectively clean dirt, grease and cosmetic residues at 12,000 times/minute of ultrasonic vibration, and improve your skin.
  • Five gear adjustment: 5 levels of adjustment from weak to strong (tap +/- to adjust gears)! 1-2 level gentle mode (suitable for sensitive skin), 3 level (daily mode), 4-5 deep mode (suitable for oily skin)!
  • Multifunctional design: 3 kinds of silicone brush areas provide different cleaning effects for the whole face. The bottom of the brush can effectively help absorb skin care products. The back of the brush can be used as a massager for the entire face to relieve fatigue, tighten the skin and reduce fine lines. 

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